about liv

about liv

"Olivia is epic because she'll post a picture and it's like a 12 year old girl and then she'll come in to chat and be like today I was on class and I daydreamer I had a browning m2 machine gun I used to defend the US border with, illegal immigration dropped quickly to 0"

"Olivia is cool. I’ve know her for a year now probably and she only directly spoke to me to say she was a fan of me like a week ago"

my future

"Olivia is a nice girl because she is chaste, high iq, wealthy, and has pretty eyes. I think she is very smart and will do well at redacted and i am very excited for her. I think olivia is years ahead of her peers and will do amazing things!!! I wish she sent outfit more . Or maybe just POV of her eating croissants . Idk. She doesn't tweet very much !! But i want to knkw more about her mind.